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Mistress Zeena is a natural born Femdom & disciplinarian working in Na'arm (Melbourne).


As a Mistress with a deep understanding of human nature, the workings of the mind and the power of touch, Zeena works holistically in a curated way to incorporate all your senses, including sound. Her natural obsession for mental and physical restriction combined with eroticism will tantalise your every approach to sensuality as well as servitude. 

A traditional Dominatrix and Fetishist whose creative and formal practice stems from her obsession with power structures, the undoing of stereotypes, healing and developing safe environments for your fantasies to come to life.


 Mistress Zeena provides a unique and tailored experience based on your interests amalgamating them with her own creative-flair, as a musician and artist this comes naturally. Mistress Zeena's edge, her je ne sais quoi, makes for a one off exciting experience OR an ongoing, more permanent unique relationship. 

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