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Before you even consider applying to serve me consider this- I (your future keeper) revel in the dark arts and the esoteric, which makes me highly perceptive in guiding you through your deepest fantasies embedded in your psyche.


Over my five years as a Professional Dominatrix, and many years prior to that as a lifestyle Domina, I have formed the true art of manipulation and will control your every thought.


The Queen of eroticism and seduction, with an obsession for all things military, I am the nasty bitch who was and ALWAYS  will be - too smart and too cool for you. A true princess who demands to be waited on hand and foot.


Specialising in organic and truly unique "dream desires" provision- allow your fantasies to come to life, with me, The Queen of the Dark Arts. I will undoubtedly become your obsession and one true desire, so just take the plunge and join my cult. 

Mistress Zeena

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